Copper and Silver Necklace set


Copper and Silver Necklace set

Bright silver and copper set. Handmade chains (on both necklace and earrings) with bright copper beads

Blue with Pearls

Here’s another fun set, I just finished the earrings.  Blue beads are neither gems nor precious (except for one pair with Lapis Lazuli) but they are cool.


Blue bracelet with freshwater pearls - DSC_0380 Blue dangles with clear sw crystal and lapis lazuli


Blue Earrings - 1-DSC_0427 Blue Earrings - 2-DSC_0432




Green Marbled Agate bracelet and earrings. I just uploaded them to

The green is so beautiful, I am tempted to keep using it until I get tired of it.

My Etsy Shop

I finally worked out all the kinks to open the Etsy shop  I uploaded photos and wrote descriptions.  You wouldn’t know how tough that can be until you try to do it yourself.  I thought it would be a snap… But 6 months later… and many agonizing days, it’s finally up.  Please visit and like it :). Image