Leaf and Crystal Necklace and Earrings

Hand made chain (every single link of it!), glass leaves and Swarovski crystals.  The wonderful thing about jewelry making is that you get to play with all these fun bits of glass and metal, and put them together in unusual sparkly ways that catch the eye.  I’ve always loved jewelry… ever since i can remember myself.  Since I’ve started making it full time, I don’t have as much need to ware it.  Making it is way more fun.  I lose track of time when I am in the middle of composing a piece.  This necklace chain is completely handmade.  Each link was turned and cut and strung together by hand by me.  I loved the result.


leaf and crystals earrings 1Leaf and Crystal earrings - detail













Crystal and Leaf Necklace  leaf and crystals necklace 2 Chain - Crystal and Leaf necklace