November/December update


Multi color swarovski - DSC_0617 Amethyst on silk cord - DSC_0693 new piecesgrn marbled agate bracelet & earrings - DSC_0400Copper fluted beads, copper braded disks and silver plted jump rings - DSC_1309  Lampworks leaf and Mother of Pearl diamonds and Crystals earrings - DSC_1214 Multi-color crystals and copper beads dangles - DSC_1183 pick-a-boo heart MOP and crystals and garnet with brass bit earrings -DSC_1284Gold plated diamond squares, teardrop scrystals, silver beads and potato shaped pearls - DSC_1291Pick-a-boo square MOP - Green & Orange crystals - DSC_0819

Just Added New Pieces

Fluorite and Pearl Dangles - DSC_0348Multicolored Fluorite and Pearl Dangles

Fluorite chain maille earrings - DSC_0353Multicolored Fluorite Chain-maille Earring

pick-a-boo MOP - DSC_0664Crystal and Pick-a-boo Mother of Pearl Earrings

Mother of pearl and pearls earrings - DSC_0685Pearls and Pick-a-boo Mother of Pearl Hearts Earrings

Blue with Pearls

Here’s another fun set, I just finished the earrings.  Blue beads are neither gems nor precious (except for one pair with Lapis Lazuli) but they are cool.


Blue bracelet with freshwater pearls - DSC_0380 Blue dangles with clear sw crystal and lapis lazuli


Blue Earrings - 1-DSC_0427 Blue Earrings - 2-DSC_0432

Earring tree

Earing tree September 2012

earring tree with close-ups of a couple dozen of finished earrings

Earing tree September 2012

Earing tree September 2012

Earing tree September 2012

Earing tree September 2012

Earing tree September 2012

Sodalite, Jasper, Pearl Necklace


Sodalite, Jasper, Pearl Necklace


18″ Sodalite, Jasper and Pearl necklace, silver plated chain with a twist clasp